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Latest news

Prof. Zizzo at the conference about the Future of Taxation

“Global or regional taxation: nexus criteria and the future of taxation” is the title of the speech of prof. Giuseppe Zizzo at the inaugural conference of the Comitato Giovani of A.N.T.I. – Sezione Lombardia.

Refund of VAT unduly paid by pension funds to service providers

With decision no. 10988/2019, the Civil Court of Milan upheld our appeal and ordered the service provider to refund more than 6 million of euro of VAT unduly paid by a pension fund.

Rome: Conference on “Tax and Football”

The conference on “Tax and Football” will take place on 11 December at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Latest publications

Pex: new article on “Rassegna Tributaria”

Prof. Giuseppe Zizzo’s article, “Commercial activity, transfer of assets in exchange of shares and pex”, was published in the issue n. 4 of  “Rassegna Tributaria“.

Use of revaluation reserve: the clarity of the law does not stop interpretative digressions

Prof. Giuseppe Zizzo’s article on the nature of the revaluation reserve was published in issue n. 10 of “Correre Tributario”.

Tax residence: Prof. Zizzo’s article on “Rassegna Tributaria”

Prof. Giuseppe Zizzo’s article, “Tax residence: it is the company or the income which is dressed up as foreign?”, was published in the issue n. 3 of  “Rassegna Tributaria“.

What we do

We help you fulfil your tax obligations, and therefore prevent problems with the tax authorities. Should any problem arise, we will assist you through each stage of the audit, the assessment and the litigation to ensure your rights are fully and effectively protected.

Assistance in administrative procedures

We provide assistance in tax audits, pre-judicial and judicial tax settlements, tax rulings, advance agreements and tax refunds.

Legal assistance

We provide assistance before provincial and regional tax courts and in cases brought before the Italian Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court and the European courts.

Legal Advice

We provide advice in all areas of tax law, including international and EU taxation, dealing with the most complex tax issues of domestic and multinational groups.